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HOST HOTEL - Charlotte Marriott Executive Park
5700 Westpark Drive
Charlotte, NC
(704) 527-9650
Rooms rate is $82 per night.
Be Sure to ask for the Southern Spectacular room block.
You will be asked your room number at registration.

Age Divisions - 0-23, 2, 3, 4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-15, 16-Up
(60 day grace period)
Boy’s Age Division 0-3 Years.

Welcome to the 2005 “Southern Pageant Spectacular” Pageant” You are invited to compete in a fun-filled day of friendly competition. We will be awarding beautiful Crown, Sparkling Trophies, Nice Gifts, and Cash Prizes!!! This is a great way to compete for prizes from 5 wonderfully unique pageant systems, and only go on stage once for Beauty and once for Swimwear. There will be 10 judges seated (2 for each pageant system). You choose which pageants you would like to enter, and you will be scored by that system’s judges. BUT REMEMBER - Scores will be combined from ALL 5 Pageants to award an Ultimate Grand Supreme.

Southern Pageant Spectacular - 3 Grand Supremes
0 -3 Yrs 4-8 Yrs. 9-up

Winners receive a Gorgeous 10” Crown, Monogrammed Sash, $250 Savings Bonds, Gifts, and a Beautiful Award. This will be the highest scoring contestant from all 5 pageants


SBB Beauty Competition - There will be a Queen/King and four runners up in each age division. The Queen/King will receive a Beautiful SBB Crown, Queen Trophy, Beautiful Banner, Nice Gift, and $225 off the National Supreme Package. Four alternates will receive a beautiful trophy and $200 off the National Supreme Package. Every Contestant will receive a nice trophy plus $100 off the National Supreme Package.

SBB Photogenic Competition - There will be a winner chosen in each age division who will receive a NICE GIFT, and $150 off the National Supreme Package. Please bring your photo any size, black and white or color to registration. Put the contestants name and age on the back of the photo. You will receive your photos back at the end of the event. Additional photos may be entered for $5 each. No frames please. You will receive 1 point toward supreme for winning photogenic.

SBB Swimwear Competition - There will be a winner chosen in each age division who will receive a NICE GIFT, and $150 off the National Supreme Package. Modeling is straight modeling only. No Pro-am. You may use a hand on the hop or toe up, etc. Your total swimwear score will be added to your Supreme Score.

SBB Prettiest Hair & Eyes - There will be a winner from each event chosen in EACH age division. You will be judged for these events during your beauty competition. Winners will receive a lovely trophy plus 1/2 point toward supreme.

SBB FACIAL BEAUTY SUPREMES - 0-3, 4-8, 9 & Up will receive a BEAUTIFUL SBB Crown, Banner, Tote Bag, $250 off their National Supreme Package plus a nice gift. This is based on facial beauty only. No modeling or clothes are judged.

SBB SUPREMES - These winners will be the highest scoring contestants from ALL EVENTS. There will be a winner from 0-3, 4-8, & 9-up who will receive a beautiful 7 Inch tall SBB Crown, Tote Bag, Banner, Nice Gift, plus $275.00 off their national supreme package.

SPONSOR TICKETS - You may sell sponsor tickets to help pay your entry fees to the SBB Pageant. You do not have to sell tickets to be in the pageant, it is optional. Each ticket sells for a $2.00 donation. You can sell tickets to pay your entry fees and also earn nice prizes. Listed below are the amount of tickets that you can sell.

50 ticket - Includes free entry to the SBB Pageant plus a beautiful Crown.
75 tickets - Includes free entry to the SBB Pageant plus beautiful Crown, 2 foot trophy, & Gift.
100 tickets - Includes free entry to the SBB Pageant plus beautiful Crown, 3 foot trophy,& Gift
125 tickets - Includes free entry to the SBB Pageant plus a beautiful Crown, 5 foot trophy, Gift, & Logo Garment Bag

SBB QUEEN OF QUEENS/KINGS: The one contestant who sells the most sponsor tickets (Must be 200) or more will receive free entry to the SBB Pageant and will receive the title Queen of Queens or Kings for the SBB Pageant plus they will receive a beautiful Crown, Robe, 6 Foot Trophy, Garment Bag, and nice gift. This title is based just on ticket sales and has nothing to do with the other awards being given.

Please mail entry form and a $35 deposit by July 8th. After July 8th, add a $10 late fee. Please have all entries in the mail by July 16th. I will be leaving for the pageant on Thursday, July 21st and want to make sure I have your entry in before I leave. Please mail to Southern Beauties & Beaus, P. O. Box 150, Hanceville, AL 35077. You may enter at the door, however you MUST call and let us know you are coming. There will be a $10 Late Fee added.

_______$55 (If entering ALL 5 PAGEANTS) Supreme package included beauty,
             photogenic, prettiest hair, eyes, Plus Ultimate Grand Supreme is FREE.

_______$20 If entering ALL 5 Pageants after JULY 8th,
            the Ultimate Grand Fee is $20.00.

_______$75 (if entering less than all 5 Pageants) Supreme package included
            Beauty, Photogenic, Prettiest Hair, Eyes, Mini Supreme and Supreme.
            You will not qualify for Ultimate Grand Supreme.

_______ Ticket Sales must be mailed in ahead of time. I am selling ____ tickets.

_______Deposit - $25 by the deadline of July 8, 2005. Late fee will be $10.00

_______Balance Due

Balance payable at registration. No checks after the deadline of July 8th. We accept Visa/Master Card through PayPal online service. See our website. Hbbpageant@aol.com.
If you need to reach me my telephone number (256) 352-4615 or my cell phone at (256) 338-6680. Please Note: Boys are not eligible for the Ultimate Grand Supreme since all 5 systems do not offer a boy’s division. Boys will be eligible for the Mini Supreme and Supreme in the SBB Pageant.


Age___________ Age Division_____________________________________


City_____________________________ State________ Zip_______________

Phone (  )_______________________________________________________

Eyes________________________  Hair_______________________________

Daughter/Son of__________________________________________________

Please read and sign. I have read and fully under the rules of the pageant. I agree to release and hold harmless Suzanne Howell, all persons associated with this event, and Southern Beauties & Beaus from any and all claims including but not limited to claims of damages, theft or injury. No refunds.

Signature___________________________________ Date__________________

GENERAL INFORMATION - Southern Beauties & Beaus is a total package pageant. You will qualify to attend our national finals to be held October 22nd & 23rd in Atlanta, GA. Our pageants normally always start on time. Please be prompt. Your may wear your choice of pageant dress.

NATIONAL FINALS - We are celebrating our 12th year. Our national pageant will be held in Atlanta, GA on October 22nd & 23rd at the beautiful Sheraton Gateway Hotel. This year, we will be awarding three National Winners in EACH age division. Every contestant at nationals will receive an adorable Build-A-Bear in a designer outfit!!! We will be awarding thousands in Savings Bonds and prizes including three $5,000 Savings Bonds. Please visit our web sight at www.Southernbeautiesandbeaus.com.

Please visit all of Southern Pageant Spectacular’s Directors for more details on how you can enter up to 5 great Pageants, and only compete on stage once.! The other four pageants are listed below.

Dream Dolls - www.dreamdollnationals.com or call (843) 761-6905 or 899-98380
Tropical Dream Stars - www.tropicaldreamstars.com or call (843) 681-4812
America’s Crowned Royalty - americascrownedroyalty.com or call (978) 374-1282
America’s Regal Gems - http://americasregalgems.com  or call (508) 679-9265

National Director: Suzanne Howell
P. O. Box 150
Hanceville, AL 35077
(256) 352-4615

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